Ziplining Tour

Trip Info

Thrill-seekers will love our zip lining tour! Located on the Western peninsula of Chaguaramas, the zip line goes through a little forested area overlooking Macqueripe Bay. The beautiful scenery will not be the only breathtaking experience as you rush above the trees!

This type of adventure first started as a mode of transportation. Travelers and trekkers once used a cable to pass over difficult terrain. Today, it is a huge attraction at tourist destinations.

You will delight in the view of the Bay and the lush green forest below as you glide across the course. Fly over heights up to 100 feet! Each line has its own unique views. Enjoy a fun trek over five net bridges and canopy walks between the stations.

Be assured this seven-line course adheres to all safety standards and staff are fully trained. You will undergo instruction and fitted for a safety harness before taking off.

We look forward to guiding you!

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