Yerette's Bird Sanctuary Tour

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Hummingbird enthusiasts will be in awe at this hidden gem in the Maracas Valley. The home of a local couple has been transformed into a magnificent nature sanctuary for these mystifying birds. The haven is named appropriately as Yerette is the Amerindian word for hummingbird.

Learn the history of the 17 species recorded in the country from the homeowners. Avid photographer Theo had installed feeders throughout his peaceful garden in hopes of capturing the wing-jeweled birds. Shortly after, he noticed he was attracting 13 local species! As a fan of the bird, he knew he wanted to share his hummingbird paradise with the world.

Against the background of the silk cotton trees, orchids, ferns and shrubs, you will have the opportunity to have a close up experience. Enjoy a tea or meal on the grounds as you watch the dance of the birds. The couple’s photography and art gallery has an abundant collection of their works.

Hummingbirds are among the most mysterious of birds and are well known for their metallic iridescent feathers and aerial aerobics. To capture on film some of the world’s tiniest, rarest and most beautiful hummingbirds, this is the perfect place!

Trinidad and Tobago is also known as “The Land of the Hummingbird”. You will note the bird can be seen on the currency and national Coat of Arms. We look forward to guiding you!

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