Turtle Watching Tour

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Come see nature at its best as you turtle-watch on the shores of Matura. Situated on the East Coast of Trinidad, this tiny village has one of the most popular beaches for this type of activity. This is truly a pure nature tour!

The endangered leatherback turtles come ashore from March to August for their nesting season. These giants visit these shores as many as 3 or 4 times during the season to lay between 480 and 1,000 eggs. As you may note, they can be up to seven feet in length. Many of the turtles can weigh more than 2,000 pounds. These magnificent creatures travel for thousands of miles in the water to come here. Due to the high risk of poachers disturbing their landing, a non-profit organization has teamed up with the Forestry Division to protect their nests. Only 100 visitors are allowed in the area at one time and a special permit is needed.

As this area has the largest percentage of ecotourism on the island, there are opportunities for eco tours, fishing, kayaking, cycling and bird watching. You may even walk through the National Park and hike to the waterfalls.

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