The Wildfowl Trust

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Nature lovers and bird watching enthusiasts will appreciate the landscape of the local wildfowl trust tour. A wetland reserve, it is dedicated to the research and captive breeding of endangered waterfowl. It is actively involved in the release and reintroduction of birds into natural wildlife areas. It is a peaceful haven where members and visitors can relax. It is a perfect place for bird watchers, botanists and nature photographers.

Some of the waterfowl adapted into the program include the black-bellied and white-faced whistling ducks, the scarlet ibis and the blue and gold macaw parrot. Take part in one of the many programs that allow visitors hands-on care and learning. The trained staff will delight in teaching you the history of the different species. You will see first-hand the loving outcome of helping a bird adapt to a new home in its natural habitat.

Learn how working with nature can have uplifting benefits for everyone.

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