Street Food Tour

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Foodies are in for a big treat as they sample the collection of Caribbean and International cuisines along the streets! One of the best ways to understand a culture and lifestyle, is to sample their food. This is a four hour tour where you will have the opportunity to experience the best street food Trinidad has to offer.

You will find many international flavors among the many local seafood and tropical fruit recipes. Be sure to try a little of everything! If you have a go-to favorite, you will be in luck as there are many Indian, Chinese, Amerindian, European, African, Lebanese and Creole influences.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at anytime during the day from the local food vendors. One thing to remember is whether it is a spicy Indian or African dish, be aware of the hot sauce! No bottle at home can prepare you for the burning sensation from the homemade stock pot. Don’t forget the cooling refreshment of the local special fruit-blend colas.

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