Nariva Swamp Tour

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Come on a nature tour of the largest freshwater wetland in the country! A designated wetland, this swamp covers 60 square kilometers of habitat for various wildlife. You will have a chance to see some of the 45 different mammal species as well as many of the 39 reptile species. Other forms of species calling this home are fish, frogs, birds, insects and mollusc. This is also the main home for the West Indian Manatee.

You will have a path of scenery approaching the area as coconut palms and beaches are also present. While in the swamp, you will explore the Bush Bush Reserve where frolicking bands of Red Howler monkeys and colourful Red Billied parrots are the star attractions. Using soft voices, you may be lucky to see the white Capuchin monkey! This species only found here, eats the palm nuts unique to this part of Trinidad.

With more than 204 bird species, you will surely be able to snap some great pictures to show all your friends and family.

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