Gasparee Cave Tour

Trip Info

Become an explorer and check out a limestone cave with amazing rock formations. The sightseeing trip to the cave’s island is an adventure in itself as the only transport is by boat! On your way, you will have a chance to see sea creatures such as whales. This trip will take you to a guided tour across the sea to Gasparee Island.

The island is one of the Bocas islands between Trinidad and Venezuela. In the cave there are pillars formed from the floor to the ceiling. Be sure to take pictures of the unique formations of a dinosaur head, flowers and a couple hugging! And if you tap the various sizes and shapes of the formations, you will be able to hear different pitches! You could make your own music!

This tour is a challenging one for some as there are steep stairs going into the cave. The staircase has platforms and descends 98 feet down. You will be rewarded at the bottom with a majestic subterranean lake. The turquoise blue water invites you to jump in and take a swim.

You will have a memorable day on this adventure! We look forward to guiding you!

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