Carnival Trip

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Come experience the greatest show on earth! Held every year on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, this cultural celebration is a true community heritage showing! The idea began in the 18th century to celebrate with masquerades and balls to prepare for the beginning of Lent. It is an explosion of color and music!

Visitors are welcome to join in the two-day festivity! Get ready to celebrate! There will be constant parties, parades, music and dancing!

That particular Monday morning, at 4 a.m., join in the parade of the bands as J’Ouvert starts. The tale of devils, demons and monsters is portrayed by participants covered in chocolate, oil, mud and paint. Once daylight comes, the crowd disperses to make room for the bright colored costumed bands. It seems this is the most exciting moment but get ready as this is just warming up for Tuesday’s events!

At 8 a.m. sharp Tuesday morning, the waiting crowd of masquerade folks begin to perform during the band judging. This is the main event! You will also experience the steelpan and calypso music, the elaborate costumes, the parade of the blue devil bands and all the different characters representing many cultures.

If you miss out on this fun time, do not despair as the build-up for this event actually begins Boxing Day every year! We look forward to guiding you!

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