My name is Gerald Nicholas. I am the owner of Sensational Tours. I am a certified Tour Guide and Tour Operator who has been in the business 14+ years.

I enjoy drawing on my wealth of knowledge and experience of leading guided tours to make your travels as memorable as possible. I lead a variety of tours, from sightseeing to adventure to nature tours. I have spent countless years finding the best spots to visit and the best ways to get there. I have a long list of tours that cover just about anything you could want to see. However if there is a particular tour, I’ll be happy to find a suitable tour that you need.

Let me help you see Trinidad and Tobago through the eyes of a local. While traveling with me, you will have the excitement of a traveler, combined with the knowledge of a local. It’s the best of both worlds! Let me take you to the hidden gems! I can’t wait to take you around to all the sites and tell you about all the stories, as I open my country up to you. More importantly, I can’t wait to get to know you!